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2D Graphics Programming for Games explains how to use popular platform-independent graphics techniques for creating 2D web and mobile games. The book explores essential techniques needed to develop games on all platforms, including Flash, iPhone/iPad, and Xbox 360. It starts with the basics and then goes on to more advanced topics in 2D graphics, animation, and games. The author draws on examples not only from video games but also from art and animated film. Code examples are given in C# and XNA.

John Pile's faculty blog includes information relevant to students majoring in game programming at Champlain College. Office hours, course information, and contact details can all be found here as well.

Originally from North Pole, Alaska, John Pile Jr has 15+ years of software development experience. His most recent game industry employment was with Proper Games in Dundee, Scotland where he was a multi-platform engineer on the team that developed the 2009 BAFTA Scotland Game Of The Year, “Flock!“, the financially successful “Final Fight: Double Impact“, downloadable content “Crackdown 2: Toy Box Pack“, and the iOS game “Moving Day”.